Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chances Are

Another text based design. This was another personal project that I just felt compelled to do. I wanted to try something more flowy and whimsical than I normally go for. I also wanted to do something with more color than I am used to.

I chose a cool saying that I love and went to town. Here is the outcome...

Alternate color:
Design is for sale

Raison D'etre

I did this t-shirt design a while back. I had been wanting to do something that was text based and done entirely by hand. After much noodling this is the end design. Although very simple I think it came out quite nice.

The text is a french term that renaslates loosely to: 'Reason for living'. And yes, I know I left out the little french accents, but they didn't look right.

Design is for sale.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cool Kids

I have been meaning to do something with this figure I painted years back. I finally found the insipiration to make it happen. I ended up going for a kind of 60's look.

Design is SOLD.

Discourage Records

Some custom text done for 'Discourage Records' out of Portland, Oregon.

Dept. of Benefits

This is the second round of designs for 'Threads with Benefits' out of SF.
They do a line of t-shirts where each t-shirt addresses an issue, and a portion of the profits from that tee go to help that issue.

Inspired by old Dept. of Forestry and logging logos.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


So I have been wanting to do a sailing inspired t-shirt design for a while now. More specifically I wanted to do something with the signal flags that sailors use, I have always loved them. I had a t-shirt with a line of those flags across the chest in the late eighties, early nineties and I wanted to recapture that vibe.

These flags are used by sailors to spell out words and messages. Each flag represents a letter of the alphabet. They can also be used in pairs to convey various messages to other vessels. In that way I intended this design to be fully customizable. The client can pick whichever flags they like to spell something or convey a message to the viewer.

I wanted to incorporate as many sailing elements into this design as possible without it feeling cluttered or over-done. There is a rope with knots used as an underline. There is a compass reference used on the circle. I put the longitude and latitude of SF, and the sailing speed, as commonly used by sailiors when plotting a course.

This design is for sale.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Keep It Green

This design was commissioned by D-Structure of San Francisco. They are doing a line of t-shirts addressing global issues. Each tee addresses a seperate issue and proceeds from that t-shirts sales go to helping that specific cause. I chose 'deforestation'. Growing up in Oregon I got to see the logging trucks full of beautiful pine trees all the time. I wanted this design to harken back to old Dept. of Forestry signage and old logging company logos. I also wanted to keep it as simple as possible. Less is more.

Will be available soon through D-Structure SF.
Not sure what the color way will be. I like it on AA 'forest green'.